Getting Started on your Edible Landscape

aloeEdible Yardworks aims to help people create beautiful spaces that will feed them while fostering sustainable local food systems. This model applies to both urban and suburban regions and can fight climate change and promote biodiversity and health. Please peruse the pages of this website to learn why local sustainable food systems are important and how to begin building your own edible yard.  Check out Edible Gardening Classes being offered now.

kiwiThere are many options for your edible garden. You can create an organic garden in raised beds, use companion planting and lasagna gardening, or you can go further and employ permaculture. Getting started is easier than you think.

Check out our instructions on composting, natural pest controls, sheet mulching your lawn, choosing plants, making an irrigation strategy with water catchment or berms and swales, using natural fertilizers via cover crops, and more.

Check out advice from local gardeners including Edible Yardworks’ Stacey Meinzen in the Press Democrat.

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