A Most Delicious Salad

Last weekend while tucked away in the mountains for a quick getaway with friends, I had one of the better salads I’ve ever eaten.  Maybe this is because it was one of the most beautiful salads I’ve ever seen or maybe it was because the ingredients were mostly home grown.  Below is a photo, with special thanks to Elisabeth Hathaway and Nancy Blake for helping create this delicious treat.

The ingredients (clockwise from top left) included red carrots, lavender, nasturtium, radishes, golden beets, borage, zucchini, and calendula.  Arugula was the base leafy green with a sweet Champagne dressing to offset the bitterness.  The chopped zucchini really helped to round out the flavor.  I find colorful salads (usually including edible flowers) much more satisfying than monotone salads and they are certainly more nourishing as well.

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