sprouted wheatI’m now offering private and semi-private instruction on how to grow an organic, beautiful, edible garden and cook and eat it too.  From kitchens and patios to full-blown yards, students learn how to grow food elegantly in whatever space they have.
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I cover a variety of topics (below) and cater to the interests of the students.

Individual: $40/hr
Two students: $30 each/hr
Three students: $20 each/hr
More than three students: $15 each/hr.

Grab some friends and learn how to grow fresh seasonal produce and how to create menus around your garden.

These classes have been an incredible place for building community between students, and a venue to share ideas and plans, make new friends, and get support.  Call Stacey at 707.484.1815.

Topics in the Class

  • Composting
  • Soil Building
  • Container Gardening
  • Lasagna Gardening
  • Water Conservation
  • Permaculture
  • Cover Crops
  • Edible Flowers
  • Mulching
  • Water Catchment
  • Natural Pest Controls
  • Seasonal Intuitive and Imprecise Cooking

What students have to say:

“Stacey’s passion for edible gardening makes creating a garden seem easily doable.  What a fun and inspiring class!  Stacey loves edible gardening and it spread to everyone in our class.  We had the most amazing group of passionate, creative fun-loving gardeners in our class, and the class was full of great information and how to’s to successfully create a delicious edible garden.”


“I didn’t know what permaculture was before the class.  Now I’m super motivated to create a growing environment that flows with Nature.  I love the idea of replenishing soil without trauma.  Stacey’s handouts were very useful, and she’s exemplary how she maximizes spaces of all kinds.  This class was a great catalyst for a brown thumb like me, and I now have a thriving new food garden that I’m addicted to.  I’m even turning my deck plants into exciting edibles.  Extra bonus:  delicious get-togethers with the other students.  Thanks, Stacey!”
-Nancy CE

“The course was not only a wonderful way to introduce me to gardening, but a means by which to meet many like-minded souls.  The relationships I’ve developed within the class, will support me as I “get my feet wet” (get my hands dirty?) in growing my own food.”

-Kim R

“Stacey Meinzen’s Edible Yardworks class was very informative and motivating. We met weekly, for 4 weeks and formed a bond.  This intimate group of avid edible gardeners now share information and help each other grow local
beautiful and delicious gardens.”

-Elaine E

For more information:
Call Stacey at 707.484.1815.