November 2009: Planning and Planting for the Winter

butter_lettuces2Wintertime is actually the perfect time to start an edible garden. Fava beans and peas are two great winter crops that fertilize (fix nitrogen in) your soil while providing food for the table as well. If you currently have a lawn that you are not using, think about sheet mulching it and planting cover crops for the winter. If you are yardless, but still want to garden, you can get some large pots and keep them on a patio or balcony or even in your kitchen, provided they get sunlight. Use EdibleYardworks How To Guide or let me help you get started. Wondering why you should bother growing your own food? If health and cost reasons aren’t enough for you, you might be interested to learn about GMOs, the impact that much store-bought food has on deforestation and habitat destruction, climate change, biodiversity, and our oceans. Check out these issues and more on the website.

Do you need help getting started with your edible landscape? Whether you have a yard, a patio, a porch, a balcony or simply the space in your kitchen window to grow some food, I can help you create a plan that will work with your space, time and budget. Together we can make an action plan for your healthy, delicious, low-cost and sustainable new lifestyle.

Call me today for an estimate. (707) 238-5110 or email me at

Until next month,

Stacey Meinzen
Edible Yardworks

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Garden Monsters

This year I branched out and planted a bunch of “Gremlin Squash” for the fall.  While the lighter variety was delicious in a curry dish, the dark green variety was unfortunately not very edible.


And I planted a lot of it!  So, when you can’t eat your food, you might as well play with it.  I’m not sure, but I think this might be where George Lucas came up with some of the Star Wars characters.  Check out my line-up below (I do plan to eat the yellow one eventually)…


Maybe I’ll race them down the kitchen table…


Big bird wins by a nose.

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