Keyhole Gardening

keyholeKeyhole gardening is a permaculture technique that maximizes the use of the garden space and employs rounded edges that look more natural than the straight edges of conventional gardens. It allows greater access to the area from within a small radius located in the center of the plot.

Start by driving a stake into the ground as your center. Then attach a piece of string to the stake with a marker measuring about two feet and draw your inner circle. This is where you will stand while tending to the area. Then, move the marker about five feet away from the stake along the piece of string and draw another circle on the ground. This will become the outer perimeter of your garden bed. You will need to allow an access point of about two feet to get into the center of the garden once it’s built.

Next, to build the raised bed, you can use rocks, bricks, broken up concrete, or any other material that can retain the soil within the beds. It needs to be at least three feet high, so sound construction will be important to keep the soil in. Once the container for your bed has been constructed, fill it with soil, compost and chicken manure to create your gardening plot.