Natural Pest Control

There is a large variety of organic products that can be used for pest control:

However, the most natural way to control pests in your garden is to choose plants that attract beneficial insects – that is, insects that eat the bugs you don’t want in your garden.  Ladybugs, wasps and praying mantids, among others, are beneficial insects.  They are often found in garden areas or they can be easily introduced.  The following is a list of Plants for Insect Management from

snailAnts – mint, pansy, pennyroyal
Aphids – mint, garlic, chives, coriander, anise
Bean Leaf Beetle – potato, onion,turnip
Codling Moth – common oleander
Colorado Potato Bug – green beans, coriander, nasturtium
Cucumber Beetle – radish, pansy
Flea Beetle – garlic, onion, mint
Imported Cabbage Worm – mint, sage, rosemary, hussop
Japanese Beetle – garlic, larkspur, tansy, rue, geranium
Leaf Hopper – geranium, petunia
Mice – onion
Root Knot Nematodes – French marigolds
Slugs – prostrate rosemary, wormwood
Spider Mites – onion, garlic, cloves, chives
Squash Bug – radish, marigolds
Stink Bug – radish
Thrips – marigolds
Whitefly – marigolds, nasturtium