Square Foot Gardening

square-footOne technique that will achieve high yields in your garden and make it very easy to tend is square foot gardening. Below are some resources and some tips on how to get started.


  • Pick an area that gets 6-8 hours of sunshine daily.
  • Create your raised beds in 4’x4′ boxes and then further divide them into square feet.
  • Choose plants that you find relatively easy to grow. Lettuce is a good candidate for square foot gardening
  • Fill your raised beds with quality soil (use compost).
  • Make sure you have an irrigation strategy to keep the bed moist.
  • Plant seedlings quite close together so that when they grow to full size, there will not be bare soil. One of the major advantages of intense planting like this is that you will have less evaporation off the soil and will not need to water as much. There will also be no space for weeds to get into your soil.
  • Once you get the hang of square foot gardening, you can use it in combination with companion planting and layering to optimize growth.