The Case for Edible Yards


While many sustainable lifestyle publications tout the drought-tolerant native landscape as the best option for your garden, this is not necessarily the case. Our current urban and suburban lifestyles mean that our back yards will never be sufficient habitat for much of the wild life that used to roam the landscape. Attempting to return the land to its natural state will be impossible, meanwhile we continue to swallow up wildlands for agricultural purposes, displacing more wild life in the process. A better approach would be to create a non-toxic, thriving and productive garden that can be a realistic refuge for smaller creatures such as butterflies, birds and beneficial insects while feeding ourselves and halting the expansion of industrial agriculture. Doing this has the added benefit of promoting better health and well-being while also using less fossil-fuels to transport our food and no packaging.

9 Reasons to Grow an Edible Landscape

  1. Sustainable Local Food Systems
  2. Industrial Agriculture and Consolidation
  3. Biodiversity
  4. Genetically Modified Crops
  5. Habitat Destruction
  6. Climate Change
  7. Health
  8. Saving Money
  9. Waste Not, Want Not