Wattles for Garden Borders

I had an edible garden installation in late June at the Sonoma Marin Fair where I decided to experiment with a new type of border called a “wattle.”  It’s a long snake-like border made of straw bundled in plastic netting, and it was featured in Sunset Magazine a few months ago as a nice option to contain raised beds.  I found it very visually pleasing, easy to move around (especially compared with wood for raised beds!), and quite affordable at about $30 for 25 feet.  No screwing or hammering was necessary to use it and it gave my exhibit great curves.  Curving edges is a major strategy of permaculture, so a border that allows for curvature is very helpful in permaculture designs and elements that call for a raised area.  The one downfall is that you can’t really change the length of it very easily – you have to make it’s length work for whatever you’re doing.  Also, over time, the straw breaks down and just becomes part of the soil, which could be seen as an advantage or a disadvantage (the plastic netting is easy to just pick up then and reuse for some other purpose).

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